NYC, Chicago, DC & Philly In Between

NYC, Chicago, DC & Philly In Between



July was a month for the books. I showed my pride in NYC, ate deep dish in Chi-town and kicked some balls around in DC all while trying to reassemble my life here in Philly. And I gotta say, it was pretty fun.

It’s weird being here now at the end of the month looking back at the beginning to when it all started with a jump. A jump into the unknown, from complacency and comfort to…

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A Hop, Skip & Jump Into an Unknown Direction

A Hop, Skip & Jump Into an Unknown Direction


You can begin to judge just how foolish a decision you’ve made by the amount of people commenting on your “bravery” afterwards.

Apparently, after deciding to resign from my job last week I’ve reached the heroic level of Hercules himself on the brave scale. Which is kind of funny when I think about it because I still find myself feeling like the Lion from The Wizard of Oz before the Great Oz…

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2014 Resolution in Review

2014 Resolution in Review

June mark’s the half way point of 2014 and as such I thought it was time to review my New Year’s resolution. I’ve had 6 months to work on it. 6 months. And so far, I’ve failed miserably at accomplishing even a single part of it. Which, ironically enough means I’ve accomplished the first bit. But that’s cheating.

For those interwebbers out there wandering what this nonsense is that I’m talking…

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What This Whole Gay Pride Thing Means Anyway (To Me At Least)

What This Whole Gay Pride Thing Means Anyway (To Me At Least)

Pride 2012

Pride 2012 – Penn’s Landing

With June declared as Pride Month by President Obama and the kickoff of Pride Weekend here in Philadelphia, I thought I’d prepare myself for the glitter filled celebrations by digging in a bit to what Gay Pride means to me. And, for me, this weekend means block parties, parades, festivals, friends, family and an all around celebration. But it also means a lot more to…

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A Halfhearted Apology and a Solemn Promise, Kinda.

A Halfhearted Apology and a Solemn Promise, Kinda.

Hi there! It’s been a while. I hope that you’ve been swell. Weather’s sure been nice, hasn’t it? How about those Phillies? You look tan. And taller. And have you lost weight? Anyway, it was great running into you. We should do this more often.

If a real person, the conversation with my blog would go just like that. A run through of that forced awkward script. The one written to keep things moving…

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A Trip Home


The last time I saw my dad was 10 years ago.

To put that in perspective,  President Bush was finishing up his first term, MySpace wasn’t a thing yet, and I was still sporting around my yellow walkman with a CD case full of Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and… Ricky Martin. What? I was still trying to find myself.

I had just become part of the 8th grade graduating class of 2004 and, for summer, my…

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Pre-Peru Post Pandering (alliteration gives me tingles)Pisaq, Peru
Pacific surf, Incan ruins and enough Pisco Sours to incapacitate a llama; after two…View Post

Pre-Peru Post Pandering (alliteration gives me tingles)

Pisaq, Peru

Pacific surf, Incan ruins and enough Pisco Sours to incapacitate a llama; after two…

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Off to Peru. But first…

Two years ago today over a basket of tatter tots in a South Philly dive bar I said for the first time to a friend a then terrifying statement: “Hey, I’m gay.” Surprisingly, the world did not end, my friend didn’t walk out and I was able to finish my tots.…

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My 2014 ResolutionFireworks from Waterloo Bridge – London – New Years 2012
Now that Christmas has come and gone it’s…View Post

My 2014 Resolution

Fireworks from Waterloo Bridge – London – New Years 2012

Now that Christmas has come and gone it’s…

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Tuesday Morning

It was sabotage, you and me.

I, too eager.

You, too hesitant.

What we should do.

What we shouldn’t.

Enforcing or preventing, the word was destructive.

Both too misleading of what could be.

A few drinks,

A few words.

I felt relieved.

I assume you did too.

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